Career at NEP

Passion for creating products that work

Nordic Electronic Partner

  • We are developing and delivering products, systems, sub-systems, electronics/PCBA, test systems, and certification to product-owners, our customers.
  • We are in the fields of Electronics, Mechanics, Industrial, MedTech and Embedded.
  • We will fit you in where you do the best. No matter what if you deep into the embedded electrons or a more holistic driver we will have the role for you. Your drive is our drive and your success are our customers’ success.
  • We are running numerous projects concurrently, short- to long-term, from 3 months to 3 years.
  • We are focused on MedTech and Industrial applications while serving other segments in Test and PCBA design.
  • We make Products Work. We take care from idea and concept to certified product and manufacturing implementation.

You are

  • An engineer in the fields of electronics, mechanics, industrial, medtech, and/or embedded.
  • Your heart beats for creating effective solutions, learning, sustainability, teambuilding, openness, and support.
  • You like working close to others and have no issues performing on your own.
  • Your personal traits are known as creative, sympathetic, reflecting, direct and focused.
  • You have taken your MSc, BSc, or Ph.D.
  • You will work in one of our offices in Kista, Norrtälje, Uppsala, or Västerås as well as customer or partner sites during periods.
  • You are passionate about working with product and sub-system development in custom(er) projects.

We recruit on an ongoing basis. Send your CV and Grade Transcript to and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Anders Söderbärg: es.rentrapen@grabredos.sredna / Mobile 28 13 27 607 64+
Johan Duprez: es.rentrapen@zerpud.nahoj / Mobile 70 98 76 167 64+