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Case M-dialysis

Partnership development by Svekon and NEP of a total product solution for a MedTech application (IEC60601-1)…

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Case Munters Humidity Unit

Design and development of a total control solution for a Munters humidity unit, we replaced a PLC solution and gained footprint and flexibility…

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Case Alfa Laval Pure Ballast

Design and development of the LPS (Lamp Power Supply) for high Power UV sources. A total control and power supply solution for a fluid treatment unit…

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Case Lundahl Spot Welding

Spot welding process and control unit, from pre-study to manufacturing implementation. Design and development of the entire solution…

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Design and development of two PCBAs for an Operation and Supervision Unit (OSU)…

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Case Unit Control System - PLC Replacement

Need and Purpose from the Customer: modern and unique design and HMI, flexible design, and C++ based for own and end-customer adoptions…

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