Unit Control System - PLC Replacement

Customer Need and Feedback

Need and Purpose from the Customer:

  • Modern and unique design and HMI
  • Flexible design and C++ based for own and end-customer adoptions
  • Increased system density and decreased manufacturing and volume cost
  • Active and remote control for extend services and enhanced maintenance support

Customer Feedback:

  • With this higher system integration, our product become more attractive and competitive in the market
  • Easy to access and work with the team


  • Build in climate and fluid control units
  • Remote accessible control and maintenance
  • Using standard programmable units, demands unique support solutions and are issue for resulting in bulky and inflexible end-solutions
  • A high integrated solution results in no to low extra footprint for the control function

Function developed and Delivered


  • Concept and pre-study reports
  • PCBA Design and system integration reports
  • About 5 evaluated prototypes (electrical and mechanical Tests)
  • System/Unit certification and environment /type testing support
  • Plan for NPI and Test system development

Products and services used from Aros TG

  1. Concept –
    System and unit functionality
  2. Pre-Study –
    System and unit specification and demands
  3. Development –
    HMI design, Circuit Design, Layout Design,
    SW Design, mechanical interconnection,
    Prototype manufacturing
    System and verification tests
  4. Industrialization –
    System certification support
    Plan for manufacturing; NPI study and
    Test system development