We assist you with the replacement of components in existing products.

Component shortages and component replacement in existing products

Replacing components in an existing product is akin to swapping a piece in a puzzle – it must be done with precision to ensure the final result fits perfectly. Our organization is adept at rapid deployments and interventions when a "crisis" arises in development, in the field, or during production.

Replacing components in a functioning product always entails some risk. Therefore, we recommend avoiding it if possible, but when necessary, we execute replacements without compromises. A thorough examination is crucial for achieving optimal performance when switching components. Our experts conduct meticulous assessments to ensure component replacement not only functions but also enhances the product's performance. It's like creating a perfect symphony of components working together in harmony.

Replacing components

While seeking assistance may seem like an investment, professional expertise often leads to more cost-effective long-term solutions. By avoiding mistakes and inefficient choices, both costs and lost time are minimized. Component replacement can also be sensitive regarding regulations and standards. Therefore, we ensure all actions comply with industry regulations.

Safety during component replacement

For companies prioritizing safety, it's crucial to replace components in a way that doesn't compromise product safety.

We ensure replacement components meet and exceed safety standards, providing your company and customers with maximum confidence.

Quality of components

Another aspect is lasting quality. A well-developed component replacement plan includes rigorous testing to ensure the new component maintains the same or higher quality than its predecessor. This helps extend the product's lifespan and reduce the risk of future issues. Hence, we assist companies in navigating the maze of different component options.

We consider compatibility, availability, and cost aspects to ensure you get the most suitable components without unnecessary delays or surprises.

Getting help with component shortages or component replacement is like having a reliable guide through a complex journey.

Handling manufacturing issues for smooth production

Sometimes the manufacturing process can halt for various reasons, such as quality issues, component shortages, or third-party problems. We understand the complexity of these situations and are here to offer solutions to keep your production running.

Whether it's managing quality issues, overcoming component shortages, or navigating challenges with external suppliers.

Technical solutions and production relocation

Our team of experts can provide technical solutions to address specific issues that have arisen in your manufacturing process. We also have experience in successfully relocating production, a strategy that can ensure continuity and efficiency in your operations. Ensuring a good match between the product's needs and the manufacturer's capabilities is becoming increasingly crucial for a long-term and sustainable manufacturing situation.


Urgent component shortage

In an urgent situation, our expertise in CAPA and 8D methods is an asset that ensures the problem is not only temporarily resolved but also prevented from recurring. It is our collective endeavor to ensure your production returns to its optimal level and remains sustainable over time.

Component swaps and actions with CAPA, 8D methods

If you're facing the challenge of replacing components that are no longer available, we can assist you with a comprehensive solution. We utilize advanced methods such as CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Actions) and 8D (Eight Disciplines) to systematically identify root causes and implement long-term and sustainable solutions.

These methods serve as tools for analyzing and solving complex production problems. By applying them, we, together with you, can identify the problem and develop an action plan to address it.


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