Your partner for product and system development in industrial and medical technology.

Product and system development

Your partner for product development in industrial and medical technology. We offer expertise in concepts, project management, product management, electronics, mechanics, software, certification, and industrial design.

With a competent team of experienced engineers and developers, we are ready to turn your product needs into a finished solution for production. We understand the complexity within medical technology and industry and have the competence required to deliver efficient products. From concept to finished product, we provide comprehensive solutions, managing every aspect of product development and making the process smooth and efficient for our clients.

Our industry-specific experience in medical technology and industry makes us the trusted choice for companies striving for innovations and high-quality products. We prioritize quality and safety at every stage of the development process, adhering to industry standards to ensure that each solution meets application, legal, and quality requirements.

Our services span electronics and hardware development, software development and programming, industrial design, and mechanics, as well as FEM simulation and signal simulation. By combining advanced simulation techniques with a passion for design and expert knowledge in mechanics, we create aesthetically pleasing and functional products. Contact us to discuss your needs and let us together take your product to the next level of innovation and success.

Produktutveckling NEP

Product Development Step by Step

Our ISO-certified product development process follows a structured model resembling the letter V. This means we focus on the later stages of the product life cycle from the beginning, where requirements and verification plans are created at an early stage. The process also includes necessary risk analyses and planning for intended mass production.

The following steps are often included in our product development at NEP
Step 1 - Preliminary study

Each project begins with a feasibility study. This step is crucial to provide you with forecasts regarding resources, time, risks, and opportunities for the project, as well as an analysis of design concepts.

Step 2 – Execution and integration

With step 2, the project begins, and we work closely with your team. By actively participating in your process, we ensure that our side of the development is transparent and fully visible to you.

Step 3 - Evaluation and handover

Evaluation and handover are critical parts of our mutual success. We ensure a thorough review to guarantee that all aspects of the project have been handled satisfactorily.

Step 4 - Support and product maintenance

After completing the project, we can continue to support and maintain the product. We aim to maintain a long-term relationship to ensure the product works optimally and meets any changing needs.

Our specialization today lies within medical and industrial technology areas. By following our proven process, we aim to deliver effective and sustainable product solutions.

Mekanik NEP

Mechanics product development

Mechanical aspects play a crucial role in the product experience, whether it's opening a compartment, changing a battery, or handling a blood sample tube. Smooth and intuitive mechanics are crucial for user-friendliness. We focus on creating products where the device smoothly fits into place, and the user doesn't need excessive force to perform tasks. Our skilled mechanics and industrial designers work with various areas, including static mechanics, moving mechanics, electric motors, pneumatic solutions, hydraulic constructions, and materials such as metal, plastic, and wood. We also consider production tools and conduct precise calculations, including FEM (finite element method), to ensure high quality and performance in our products. Every detail is important to create a seamless and efficient product.

Software and programming

In today's product development, programming is an indispensable part. Our expertise extends from software integration to other design elements that form the core of a product. Known by various names – embedded systems, system development, or hardware-related software – this is our specialty. We combine broad and deep expertise with platforms that smoothly guide your development towards a finished product.

We can handle everything from programming circuit boards to creating an application that controls or monitors your device. Our skills cover MCU, Embedded, programming of test systems, sensor systems, UI/GUI, and EdgeAi/ML. With us, you get a partner who simplifies the journey to your first product by offering versatile expertise and reliable platforms.

Electronic hardware – From concept to design and finished prototype

Electronics are our hardware; we focus on circuit boards and their immediate surroundings. You can get a complete solution from concept and design to a finished prototype and certified product.

We aim to quickly deliver the first prototype for you to evaluate its application. It is when the electronics come to life that you can truly see its potential.

Specialized in prototype manufacturing

We specialize in prototype manufacturing and small volumes and have partners for larger mass production. This means we can handle the entire life cycle of the product if desired. Alternatively, we can hand over production to your preferred contract manufacturer for mass production.

With our products and expertise in electronic test systems, it is natural for us to integrate test system development with electronic development. This ensures a quick and easy establishment of effective test systems. testsystem.

Electronic manufacturing

Welcome to our origin; NEP was born as an electronics manufacturing company and complete product manufacturer. Our close connection to manufacturing has shaped our strategy from the earliest sketches, where we think about production technology right from the start.

We focus on DFM (Design for Manufacturing) in our process, which means we take into account:

  • Manufacturing process and its design requirements
  • Choice of materials
  • Manufacturing costs in mass production
  • Sustainability and recycling
  • Production testing


Our goal is to optimize each step to create an efficient and cost-effective product. We not only deliver electronics but also customized test systems that close the circle and combine our knowledge with your product.


Simpler Together

Whether you need support with certification or a thorough investigation, we ensure you the highest standard.