We offer manufacturing and material handling for those who have developed their own product, with or without our assistance.

Manufacturing of products and subsystems

We offer comprehensive services in manufacturing and material handling for those who have developed their own product, with or without our assistance. We understand the importance of testing the market and optimizing your product before entering full-scale production. To support you in this critical initial stage, we have created a small-scale project manufacturing service where we tailor the volume and setup to the customer's situation.

Our product manufacturing is designed to meet your needs when you are not yet ready to manufacture large volumes. We understand the importance of having flexibility in production and being able to adapt to market demand. With our service, you can manufacture smaller and larger quantities at a time, allowing you to test the product's performance, market response, and make any adjustments before, with our support, taking the step into large-scale production.

Our experienced personnel and control systems ensure high-quality manufacturing and material handling. Our goal is to deliver results that help you build a strong foundation for your product in the market.

By choosing NEP as your manufacturing partner, you can trust that your product is in safe hands. We strive to create a collaborative environment where your vision becomes reality.

Advantages of small-scale production

Starting production in a limited quantity of units when launching a new product has several advantages. Firstly, it gives you the opportunity to test the market before committing to large-scale production. By manufacturing in small quantities, you can obtain valuable feedback from customers, identify potential areas for improvement, and we can customize the product as needed.

Minimized economic risk

This method also minimizes the initial economic risks. If the product does not meet expectations or if adjustments are needed, the costs for changes are significantly lower compared to managing large inventories. Small volumes also allow for a quicker product launch, meaning you can start generating revenue while fine-tuning the product based on customer feedback.

In summary, manufacturing according to our model at the beginning of the product lifecycle can be a strategically advantageous method for minimizing risks, optimizing the product's alignment with the market, and enabling a smoother and more successful product launch.

Simpler Together

Whether you need manufacturing of a product or subsystem for a product developed with us or not, we at NEP can assist you with the manufacturing.