Embedded Test System

A new generation of smart test systems.

The Embedded Test System is an all-in-one solution with test fixture and a computer with operators panel, all built in to one unit. The fixture is equipped with a cassette system for easy exchange between test objects. The one and same unit also contains tester specific boards as power supply, DMM, IO channels, relays and stimuli generator for the test object.

Accuracy and versatility are in high demand for fully tested products to find their way to the market. Rapid development, minimal maintenance and low budged requirements are the key aspects for the need for such systems. Considering all these, and including compactness, flexibility and a user friendly interface, make our product highly well-suited as a smart test solution. The flexibility of the product arises from our modular design. It is possible to extend system’s capabilities by adding more boards or external devices according to the complexity of the test. All test data can easily be uploaded to a central database, NEP TestNet, using the Ethernet connection provided on the device. The external USB connector can be used for different purposes, such as store test results to a memory or a hand-held barcode scanner.

FixtureIngun fixture MA21XXWith interchangeable cassette
ComputerIndustrial Windows/Linux based PC with built in touchscreen.External connectors for Ethernet and USB
Backplane Provides an interface between the boards and the PC.Free slots for up to six boards
Power boardThe power board is designed to power the unit under test.
It provides three independent variable voltage output with current measurement and limiting capabilities.
3 independent output channels. Provides up to 20V – 1.5A for each channel.
Current measurement and limit capabilities.
Controlled through CAN-bus.
DMM BoardThis is a general purpose multi meter board to measure voltage, current and resistance.Controlled through CAN-bus

* Is subject to change without prior notice