Our Services

  • Product development – from idea to certified and production introduction for MedTech and Industrial Tech
  • Embedded development – Integrated control and mgmt. system for any application, from uProcessor to HMI/GUI
  • Product certification – CE approval, MedTech approval, EMC, ESD, MD, UL and other directives
  • Test system development – design and adopt test systems to customer needs
  • Innovation and feasibility workshops – Guiding and concluding tech studies and ideas for unique solutions and products
  • Product & Production Support – We manage all technical aspects for products, test-systems and electronic solutions, like Tech-file mgmt. and CM mgmt.
  • Product and business Strategies – We support and guide customers product and business strategies, strategic plans to financial partners

NEP has long experience in production and development to get products
producible. We will help you ensure that your products are not getting more expensive
or more complex than they need to be.

Unnecessary complexity increases the likelihood that "production failure" sometimes sneaks past the final test
- with the risk that incorrect products end up with your customer. You can avoid this by letting us participate in the design work and product development.

We have a systematic approach to achieve "Design for Manufacturing" and "Design for Test". In addition, we have experience in design to meet the EMC requirements that are imposed on your product.
We can also assist you with the design requirements according to "Functional Safety".

NEP has been working hard with the compilation of equipment for better production testing. We will be happy to assist you with both software, hardware and test fixtures for example ICT, Flying Probe, function tests and final tests.

We usually work with C#, VEE, LabVIEW and TestStand. We have also developed our own effective drivers for the most common test instruments.

NEP can provide you with a test database system that enable you to follow your product production in realtime and see which parameters cause the most failure rates.

With our test system you don't have to waste energy and time collecting information. Instead the information can be easily accessed by you on the web, presented in a neat and clean way.

Make your production transparent regardless of manufacturer and manufacturing location, take advantage of our test systems!

We at NEP offer redesign of old products and/or faulty products. We can also help you produce the information required if the basis is missing.

We have the competence to carry out a redesign even if specifications and/or basis are inadequate. As long as you know how the product should perform, we'll take care of the rest.

Production and development are often closely linked. Choice of the right production technology for your product can be crucial for achieving efficient production with low failure rate.

Therefore, in our work on "Design for Manufacturing", we also include the choice of production technology and components. NEP has long experience with PCBA manufacturing on both rigid, flexible and mixed boards. The same applies to flip-chip mounting, wire bonding and microstructure.

NEP conducts regular audits for evaluation of suppliers.

We then evaluate the supplier's technical skills and prerequisites, the tools the supplier has and what financial conditions are available to ensure future development. Of course we evaluate if the supplier is "right" for you (right size / focus) to ensure that you become an important customer for them.

NEP has experience of EMC and ESD qualification of products.
We also work intensively with design to meet "functional safety" requirements, reliable design and product evaluation. Do you think about what kind of environmental tests you should choose for example temp cycling, moisture testing, vibration and shock testing?

Contact us and we'll be happy to help you!

We collaborate with a reputable lab for final certification.

Do you want professional project management through the NPI phase of your product?
Then you can take advantage of our human resources. We have project managers with experience to lead everything from smaller projects, such as a product through the development phase to more complex projects with several components and a major financial responsibility.

If necessary, we also help run improvement projects and perfect your working methodology to make it more Lean-adapted.

We have experience in running both national and EU-funded research projects involving several universities, colleges and other industrial partners.

Examples of research projects and topics:

  • The problems and possibilities with unleaded assembly
  • Microstructure for simplified integration of optical components
  • Platform for testing of future base stations with additional requirements for high linearity
  • Building method for series production of microrobots
  • Future materials and manufacturing methods for intelligent packaging.

Another popular NEP service is "independent product calculation".
Our knowledge of production and production costs - combined with a large-scale network for component purchases enables us to quickly produce product calculations. Together with our production and development experience, you also get feedback on how to lower the total cost of your product.

Our experienced component engineer has more than 30 years of experience in the industry, and can help you when you run into various component issues.