About Nordic Electronic Partner

NEP’s business idea is to offer cost efficient design and development of robust electronics. Design and build efficient test solutions for the electronic industry.

Our background is production, so we see productivity and testability in all of our work.

We focus on environmental friendliness and personal relationships. We work closely with our customers and help them reduce the environmental impact of their products.

NEP is located in Norrtälje, Stockholm and Västerås.

Among our customers are ABB, Bombardier, NOTE, Hök, Sense Air, Trimble, Lightlab & Calmark.

We also help start-ups in the development and industrialization phase, including CE approval.

We have cutting edge expertise in production development and have, among other things, taken our own web tools and made them available for the customer to control, for example, the real-time yield wherever in the world the production is located.

You should choose NEP because:

  • High competence; a broad electronics knowledge and experience
  • High level of service
  • Quick and smooth work routines
  • Ensure that your product is production-oriented from the start
  • Regular follow-up of your product throughout its life cycle

How can we facilitate your electronics production? Contact us to get the answer.