This refers to training and workshops for our partners.

If you’re a student, please look at our careers page.

In our purpose, we use the word “together”. This means that we want to work together with you.

Sometimes, you may encounter a new area or role that you’ll be responsible for, such as product development, product owner, high-tech investment, or making decisions for development processes.

In order for us to work together, it can be good to understand processes, LCA, product care, and the like. That’s why we offer training courses, or the opportunity for you to “practise” with us.

Let us know which area you’re interested in and we’ll arrange it.

Föreläsningar inom EMC, LVD, LCA och andra områden.

We provide lectures in the fields we’re passionate about:

  • Sustainable technological development
  • Medical technology
  • Design and validation methods


When a business is facing a technology shift, a workshop that communicates across borders can be a good start.

Part of our purpose is to make things “simpler”, and by this, we mean that it’s possible to take on complex challenges by simplifying the process and solutions to the greatest extent possible.