Test Systems

Test systems are our home turf. They ensure the quality of your products in manufacturing.
We have our own platforms: RTS (Rack Test System), ETS (Embedded Test System), and TestNet (Testdatasystem). Using these as our foundation, we can adapt the test solution for your product.

Embedded Test System

Embedded Test System

Our Embedded Test System is a versatile solution that includes a built-in test attachment and a powerful computer with a user-friendly panel, all integrated into a single unit. By using our Embedded Test System equipment, we can perform extensive testing and validation of electronics and computer systems.

Rack Test System RTS

Rack Test System

The Rack Test System (RTS) is a high-performance test solution designed to streamline and simplify product testing within a range of industries and product families. It’s based on a rack-mount architecture that integrates test instruments and system components into a unified platform.


TestNet – NEP’s proprietary test system

NEP TestNet is a test data management system that easily integrates into a production facility’s test equipment. Via the NEP TestNet web interface, you can reach all your production facilities and test stations from your own computer.

Fully Customer Designed System

Fully Customer-Designed Test System

A fully customised system that fits into your production line. Reliable test systems are essential for ensuring high-quality electronic components and electronic products. We develop fully customized product testing systems tailored to meet the exact needs and preferences of our customers.