About NEP

VD Johan Duprez


NEP develops efficient solutions with a production focus and environmental commitment. From 2023, we summarize NEP's qualities with the phrase 'Simpler Together.

Johan Duprez, CEO 
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Purpose & Mission

Simpler together for a more sustainable future. With us, it's not just about delivering technical solutions; it's about strengthening, improving, and shaping a future characterized by sustainability and collaboration.

The NEP Model

NEP's model is based on our specialists working within an editorial model. We share our challenges, and through this, new perspectives and solutions emerge.

Code of Conduct

There are four cornerstones to our code of conduct. We adhere to the UN Global Compact principles and have guidelines for sustainability, relationships, and continuous development.

Quality Policy

Nordic Engineering Partner is a reliable and sustainable partner for design, engineering and test development. Most important for us is to help our customers achieve their goals.


Sustainability and environment are basic aspects of NEP’s business, hence the choice of our logo (a digitized solar). Everything we do is pervaded by environmental thinking with the goal of minimizing environmental impact in the best possible way.


Personal integrity is important for NEP to ensure that we safeguard privacy data. For more information about how we process personal information, visit our GDPR page.

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