Code of Conduct

Four focuses in our code of conduct 

UN Global Compact – Responsibility: Basic Principal of Human Rights, Labor, Environment and Anti-Corruption 

- We honor and respect the UN Global Compact 

Sustainability – Balance: Balance of Environment, Social and Economic aspects 

- We strive to continuous improvement of environment, social and economic aspect in out acts in a balanced way so all three improves. 

Relations – Trust: Relations with Customers, Suppliers, Competitors and Authorities 

- We strive to openness in our internal and external relations. 

- We base our relation towards suppliers and customers on Trust. 

- We have a collaborative approach towards competitors and authorities 

Continuous Improvements – Development: Professionalism, Openness, Total, Personal development 

- We work in teams 

- We welcome team-work for challenging activities 

- We learn from each-other 

Supplier management  

We base our supplier base on long-term relations, responsiveness and support. 

Supplier shall as we respect and honor the UN Global Compact and live relation on trust. Preferable our vendors share our view on sustainability and continuous improvements. 

Customer management 

Preferable our customers share our view on CoC and in particular sustainability and continuous improvements. 

In relations with new customers, we evaluate the customers Environment, Social and Economic situation. The purpose is to gain a relation built on trust. 

Employee management

We see and understand individual ability, needs and situations and we strive to fit tasks to the individual in a balance for employee and company best. 

We believe in diversity; a spread in age, gender, background are good for the corporate development. 

Local external management 

Internship with students from technical universities in our region.

Sponsorship to sports clubs in which we have close relations with.