Product Care

High-tech products require constant product care. If you lack the staff and/or skills in your organisation or if you’re drowning in existing products and versions, it can be good to outsource this.

We offer:

  • Cost rationalisation of your products that go into series production
  • Product support/technical product management, with an emphasis on ensuring that manufacturing does not head in the direction of lower quality or higher costs
  • Component updates
    • Search for replacements and exchanges
    • Develop an equivalent solution with minimal design changes if necessary
  • Software updates
  • New rules and certifications
  • Updates for existing customers and application support
  • Documentation of updates and changes
  • Phasing-out of an existing product to make way for a new generation or other product
  • LCA
Product Care

Customized product care services

At NEP, we offer customized product care services designed to optimize costs and ensure high-quality series production. Our services include cost rationalization, technical product management, and component updates to ensure that your product maintains high quality, low costs, and avoids unnecessary production halts.

We manage the search for replacement components and carry out software updates to enhance functionality and comply with new regulations and certification requirements. Additionally, we provide application support and documentation for all updates and changes.

Our expertise extends to the retirement of existing products, transitioning to new generations, or simply shifting to other products. We understand the importance of maintaining a sustainable product lifecycle, and our focus is on ensuring that your products remain competitive and meet market demands.

Proactive product care with NEP

Outsourcing product care to NEP gives you access to a dedicated and experienced partner that takes a proactive approach to maintaining high standards for your products. We are here to streamline your organization by handling product details, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Contact Us to discuss how our product care services can be tailored to meet your unique needs.