We take care of your released products, address component shortages as they arise, or handle the need for redesign. We also conduct technical investigations.



We can help you find the right components, replace components, and solve problems in development and manufacturing.

Tekniska Utredningar NEP

Technical investigations

Are you seeking solutions to product, production problems, or field returns? Our expertise lies in investigations with analyses.

Produktionskontroll NEP

Production control

With NEP TestNet, you get insight into production and control over daily yield; you can trace faulty units and batches.

NEP Insight

NEP Insight

Get an instant view of the status of each issue. Comment directly on our Kanban board if you want to reprioritize, create issues, etc.

COGS Reduction

We assist you in reducing the cost of your product, finding more cost-effective solutions and exploring alternative components and suppliers.