Component Emergency Service

Sometimes, things can be urgent. After COVID, our partners were affected by component shortages. Our engineers and a whole network offering different skills worked hard to replace components where possible and to find substitutes or new channels in the market.

Our organisation is also able to handle pinch points and bottlenecks if a crisis crops up during development, in the field, or in production.

Component shortages

Changing components in an existing product requires careful investigation and testing to ensure that performance, safety, and quality are upheld.

We look at:
  • Compatibility
  • Quality
  • Availability
  • Cost
  • Regulations

There’s always a risk with replacing components in a working product and we advise that you avoid this wherever possible. When it has been necessary, we’ve implemented this without compromise.

Problems in development

Everyone does the best they can, but sometimes problems in development stem from wishful thinking, getting too stuck in the detail, or following a dead end too far.

Bringing in an outside party can help. At NEP, our wide variety of skills helps us look at the problem from different perspectives.

Our course of action is simple and straightforward:
  • Identify the problem – we look at the big picture and the details
  • Evaluate the “damage”/problem – we give you a realistic picture of the measures, time, and resources so that you can make a decision on how to proceed
  • Devise a strategy
    • Measures
    • Communication (vital in a crisis)
  • Rectify the issue
  • Follow-up

Problems in manufacturing

You may encounter a situation where production stops due to quality issues, component shortages, or third-party issues. Of course, there may be a hundred other reasons that you could never predict.

Vi kan hjälpa dig med tekniska lösningar och omlokalisering av produktion. Vi kan också byta ut komponenter som inte längre går att få tag på. CAPA, 8D är metoder vi är proffs på och stöttar er och oss i att bottna rotorsak och införa hållbara lösningar på det akuta problemet.

Do you need assistance moving forward due to component shortages, development issues, or manufacturing challenges? Contact us, and we will assist you!