At NEP, we work on COGS reduction as part of the product maintenance and production process.

CoGS (Cost of Goods Sold) - Reduction of manufacturing cost

COGS, which stands for Cost of Goods Sold, represents the expenses directly associated with the production of your product and typically includes costs such as raw materials, labor, production costs, as well as the cost of distributing and selling the product.

Reducing COGS is a strategic measure that can increase your profitability by improving the gross margin. By streamlining manufacturability, negotiating better prices with suppliers, optimizing inventory management, or implementing cost-saving technologies, we can assist your company in lowering its COGS.

It is important to note that COGS reduction should be carefully balanced to avoid negative effects on product quality or customer satisfaction. Cutting costs must not compromise the value and performance of the product or service. However, a well-planned and strategic approach to COGS reduction can help increase profitability and competitiveness in the market.

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COGS reduction within medical technology

When it comes to COGS within medical technology, it's crucial to balance cost reduction with high standards for product quality and compliance with regulations in the healthcare sector.

Below are some key aspects that we at NEP consider when reducing COGS within MedTech.
Quality and safety standards

Medical technology products must meet current quality and safety standards. When reducing COGS, it is therefore crucial to ensure that cost reductions do not compromise the quality of the products or their compliance with regulations.

We help you stay abreast of regulations and guidelines to avoid regulatory issues.

By investing in innovative and cost-effective technologies, companies within medical technology can improve their production process and thereby reduce COGS. However, it is necessary to monitor and validate these technologies to ensure they meet industry standards.

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Long-term perspective in the production process

Precision in material selection and negotiation skills with suppliers are crucial for optimizing COGS. We assist you in securing competitive prices for high-quality raw materials.

A thorough review of the production process can uncover opportunities for streamlining and cost reduction. Automation, lean production, and other efficiency improvements should be considered with the goal of maintaining high product quality.

When reducing COGS within the framework of medical technology products, we always strive for long-term sustainability through continuous monitoring and adaptation to changes in the market and technology.

COGS reduction within industrial technology

When it comes to COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) within industrial technology, it's important to strategically manage costs to enhance profitability and competitiveness.

Below are aspects that we consider in COGS reduction within industrial technology.

Streamlining the product's design and production workflows is a priority to reduce production costs, which may involve investing in modern technology to achieve automation

We can assist you in negotiating favorable agreements with suppliers to ensure competitive prices and availability of high-quality raw materials.

Efficient use of energy and other resources is also crucial, not just economically but also environmentally. This may involve energy-saving measures and material recycling to reduce COGS.

Another important aspect of COGS reduction is the opportunity to increase production volume and thus decrease unit costs. This requires careful analysis of market trends and demand.

It is important to continuously evaluate and analyze the production process and cost structure to identify opportunities for improvement and cost reduction over time.

By considering these factors together, your company in medical or industrial technology can effectively achieve cost savings without compromising quality and compliance.

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