Your role

Development manager

Development managers who work with us often outsource the development of components where they lack skills or resources. Although your team may specialise in your core area, they may require electronic components in order to complete product development. The development departments that we’ve worked with have soon come to regard us as part of their team. We’re on site and we develop together.

Other development managers have seen that product care swamps their own resources for continued development. Handing things over to us has freed up their time, enabling them to focus on developing new technologies and products fit for the future.


Purchasing managers

More and more businesses are involving purchasing in their development processes and we see our partners’ and clients’ purchasing as a natural part of the collaboration. We like challenges, involvement, and openness. We believe that an integrated partnership where you include your development, purchasing, quality, and management units leads to better co-operation and greater success for all parties.

High-tech products must be designed with production and component selection in mind.

Your team should work with us and make these choices in order to deliver sustainable solutions.

Components should be interchangeable to the greatest extent possible.

We consider whether procured supply chains exist or not. When it comes to the development process, we follow your established procedures in combination with our development model. We’re happy to sign framework agreements, simple or complex, to emphasise that we’re working together and to take responsibility for fulfilling our part of your needs.


If you intend to invest in a technological innovation, it can be good to have a second opinion.

Our development engineers can help you to:

·     assessing risk

·     the technical solution

·     where it stands in relation to a finished product

·     requirements description and certifications

Business owner / founder

Have you just started a business based on an idea, or do you have a mature business that’s considering buying a business that can add the knowledge you need?

Here we might have a different proposition for you.

You’ve just started up and you have a strong idea but not all the knowledge to develop the product.

First, we conduct a risk analysis whereby we’ll screen the ideas that we’ll help to bring to fruition.

If you need help with investing, we have the resources you need:

·     Fast track to EU development funds

·     Experience with Vinnova and EIT projects

·     Network of investors

·     Certification (the process should be involved from the beginning)

We pursue product development together with you and can set up development in its entirety, right up to and including production itself. Your challenge will then be to market the product. We have experience in various industries and phases of product development. You can get help with how the first product looks to how it can be developed in relation to your budget. Our common goal is to create an attractive solution for your customers.

You own or manage a business that needs to develop new areas of expertise in order to meet new requirements and the competition. Many technical solutions require the additional exchange of information in the form of electronics and programming. You identify that you have to take a quick step in that direction and think about whether an acquisition can solve the problem.

Although acquisitions can be a solution, they often bring other challenges in the form of corporate cultures and missing synergy effects.

You can leave the development with us in order to address the urgent part of the challenge, and we can also help you build a joint team to get you over the hurdle.

Collaboration partners

We’re open to new partnerships if you and your company or organisation support technical or business development in industrial technology and or medical technology. One example of such a partnership is our participation as a partner of EIT Digital. EIT Digital supports start-ups and scale-ups, among others, in digital development. With us, you can get initial feedback within a few days, after which we’ll build a project and apply for grants.

Quality and environmental manager

Sometimes, a product’s development cycle can just kick problems down the road. And in some of these cases, it ends up being the quality manager who has to sort things out. NEP has the procedures and understanding to ensure safer products and confident launches. We’re happy to work with your quality manager to shed light on the risks that exist and address how challenges should be tackled as early on as possible.

Do you let the manufacturing company perform quality tests on your products?

Our test systems are located with your manufacturer and the results are sent to the cloud in real time and are available for you whenever you need them.

Component shortages or product care are other elements that may be of interest to you.

Environmental manager

We have technical specialists with the expertise needed to evaluate and conduct a life cycle analysis. With us, you’ll find a true passion for solutions that make as little impact as possible. The company was started with this in mind. As we see it, sustainability must be included early in the planning process to ensure that the right materials and methods are used. Creating products that can be repaired is an important principle for us. It’s also important to look one step ahead, as new requirements can be imposed on a product that make it unsellable or require expensive upgrades. Last but not least, market demands make customised products competitive.

Business developer

We fill in the gaps when you want your company to grow quickly and easily...

Good business development is always based on the customer’s needs, of course. However, when faced with new challenges, many businesses also have to evaluate new technical solutions. 

We’re the right partner if you’re looking for an investigator to look at the technical side of development. For example, we’re assisting the energy sector, which is facing major challenges with new customer behaviours and requirements.

Project manager / Product owner

Många produktägare önskar en accelererad produktutveckling och får till svar att utvecklingsavdelningen inte klarar mer med befintliga resurser. Då kan lösningen vara att ta in en extern byrå. Tricket är att ta tillvara på era egna kärnkompetenser och våra kunskaper. Vi är ofta förbluffande snabba i starten men vi är också angelägna om att ”glida in” i ert projekt.

Project managers may need to bring in their own resources and think beyond the development department. To make your work easier, with us you get a contact person who assigns the right skills at the right time. You are, of course, regularly updated on how the project is progressing.