The environmental impact of the product through a life cycle analysis

The environmental footprint of your product is increasingly important to know and is now a legal requirement for many products on the market. NEP has the tools to assist you with a life cycle analysis (LCA) and make the calculations needed, for example, to determine your product's ecological footprint. We can also help you create an environmental product declaration (EPD) for your product. In addition, we can identify improvements that can be made to enhance your product's environmental impact.

Our commitment to developing sustainable products with minimal environmental impact is the foundation of our strategic use of excellent LCA tools. We see this as a collaboration where our partners and ourselves can work together to make a positive impact on our environment.

LCA helps you make well-informed decisions in process and product design

For us, LCA is not just a technical method but a guiding and powerful resource that informs and supports our decisions in product and process design as well as further development. By tracing the entire product life cycle, from raw material extraction to manufacturing, distribution, use, and ultimately recycling or disposal, a comprehensive understanding of their environmental impact is obtained.

In a world where sustainability is becoming increasingly central, LCA is a crucial part of our strategy. Through LCA, we can identify areas where we can reduce our collective environmental impact and enhance efficiency. By carefully analyzing each stage of the product life cycle, we can make informed decisions to optimize performance and decrease our shared ecological footprint.

Livcykelanalys (LCA)

Product development with sustainability in focus

The market increasingly demands transparent and responsible companies. A good LCA enables you to meet and exceed these requirements. We aim to be leaders in sustainable development, both in implementing environmentally friendly methods and using materials with a clear and comprehensive Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

Furthermore, a good LCA allows for the creation of a clear and comprehensive environmental declaration for your product. We provide descriptions of the selected materials and methods we use, demonstrating the importance of sustainability to us. This empowers our partners to make informed decisions in their own sustainability initiatives.

The product's LCA - a core competency in our operations

For us, LCA is not just a tool—it's a core component of our commitment to shaping a more sustainable future. We see it as an investment in the environment, in our partners, and in our collective pursuit of a sustainable and responsible future.

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