NEP Insight provides you as a customer with real-time updates on the progress of your specific product.

NEP Insight

Through NEP Insight, as a customer, you receive real-time updates and a comprehensive overview of the progress of your projects with us. It provides you with immediate information on the status of various matters concerning your product. You can also directly influence priorities or request adjustments as we work towards the goal. The system serves as a bridge between us and our customers.  

When is NEP Insight a valuable tool for you as a customer?

NEP Insight is used to provide you with a deeper understanding of the progress of work within a development project or Product Care. It is valuable when you as a customer desire transparency and efficiency in the project and in handling your customer issues. One of the major advantages of NEP Insight is that as a customer, you have the opportunity to log in at any time and get a current status of the project or issue. Instead of waiting for the project manager to provide an update or waiting for the next checkpoint meeting, you can directly access the information you need by logging into the system.

This not only saves time and reduces unnecessary waiting but also empowers you as a customer with control and involvement in the process. By utilizing the same system for internal tracking at NEP, our internal management of the project or issue becomes visible to you as a customer. It fosters transparent and seamless communication between us and provides you with an increased understanding of the progress of the work.

NEP Insight can be used in different ways depending on the purpose.

NEP insight 1

Development projects

NEP Insight can be used to gain an overview of the progress of development projects. It can provide insights into which parts are proceeding smoothly and which are encountering challenges. It can also be used to identify potential problem areas and develop action plans to address them. This makes the development process more efficient for both us and you as the customer.

NEP Insight 2

Product Care

In Product Care, NEP Insight can serve as a collaborative tool for reporting new cases or following up on ongoing ones. It can help streamline the process of addressing customer inquiries or issues and ensure they are handled in a structured manner.

Quick and easy real-time communication

NEP Insight also promotes quick communication and minimizes the risk of misunderstandings or misprioritizations. Do you want to change the direction of one of your projects with us? Then you can request re-prioritizations directly in NEP Insight, providing you with flexibility and adaptation to your needs.

If you wish to provide us with feedback, you can easily do so directly in the system, and we will see your feedback in real-time to continue working on your project based on the new input. It's not a requirement from our side, but it gives you as a customer the opportunity to influence the development and production in your project.

In summary, NEP Insight serves as your eyes into our work, and it's incredibly valuable for us. It allows you to actively participate and ensure that your desires become reality.

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