Product care - Investigation with fault and improvement analyses

Investigation with fault and improvement analyses

Are you seeking solutions for product, production, or field return issues? Our expertise lies in fault investigations, where we meticulously analyze technical problems to understand their root causes and potential. We provide tailored solutions for both immediate and long-term resolutions.  

We specialize in 8D reports, utilizing a structured method to identify, analyze, and solve problems. By applying this methodology, we ensure not only an effective fault investigation but also sustainable problem resolution.

Whether it's production deviations or recurring field returns, we approach each challenge with a professional and dedicated mindset. Our goal is to offer not only a swift solution to the current problem but also to implement measures that minimize the risk of future issues.

Customized product care services

At NEP, we offer tailored product care services designed to ensure delivery capability and product quality in mass production. Our aim is to help you avoid unnecessary production halts by providing services such as cost rationalization, technical product management, and component updates.

Support through the entire process

We handle the entire process, from searching for replacement components to implementing software updates to enhance functionality and meet the latest regulations and certification requirements. Additionally, we provide application support and documentation for complete traceability and increased transparency.

Phasing out, transitioning, or replacing products?

Our expertise extends to phasing out existing products, transitioning to new generations, or seamlessly switching to other products. We understand the importance of maintaining a sustainable product lifecycle, focusing on ensuring your products remain competitive and meet market demands.

Within our product care operations, we strive to offer a broad and customized service to ensure your products maintain the right quality and performance.

Services we provide within investigations, analysis, and product care

  • Cost rationalization for mass-produced products
  • Product and production support, including technical product management
  • Component updates in case of shortages or outdated components
  • Search for replacements and exchanges
  • Develop an equivalent solution with minimal design changes if necessary
  • Software updates to meet the latest requirements and standards
  • Regular updates and monitoring to ensure compliance with guidelines
  • Updates and application support for existing customers and new markets
  • Phasing out to new generations or alternative products
  • Establishing efficient service and maintenance of products in the field and in manufacturing with data management and ML/Edge-AI
  • Life cycle analysis (LCA)
  • Establishing and maintaining testing systems for manufacturing
Utredning med analys

Proactive product care with NEP

Our proactive strategy involves continuous monitoring of product quality and implementing preemptive measures to ensure your products maintain a high standard over time. We understand the importance of creating a smooth and worry-free product care process for our customers. By entrusting product care to NEP, you can be confident that your products are handled professionally and with precision. Our dedication to proactivity and quality makes us the obvious choice for companies seeking a reliable and efficient product care partner.

Simpler Together

Contact us for assistance with investigations, analyses, and product care services that can be customized to meet your specific needs.

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