With Embedded Test System equipment, we can perform comprehensive testing and validation of products containing electronics.

Embedded Test System

Our Embedded Test System is a versatile solution that includes a built-in test attachment and a powerful computer with a user-friendly panel, all integrated into a single unit. By using our Embedded Test System equipment, we can perform extensive testing and validation of electronics and computer systems.

The system is designed to test embedded components in electronic devices, such as circuit boards, microcontrollers, and other electronic components. Our test attachment is equipped with a flexible cassette system that allows different test objects to be quickly swapped over.

Embedded Test System

Testing components in real-time with ETS

This Embedded Test System solution offers all-in-one functionality and includes specific test boards for power supply, DMM, 10 channels, relays, and stimuli generator for your test objects. Accuracy and versatility are of the utmost importance to ensure that only high-quality products reach the market. The Embedded Test System solution conducts tests in real time and provides immediate feedback on the component’s functionality and performance.

Modular design for efficient test solutions

Like all our testing systems, the Embedded Test System (ETS) can connect to our cloud-based test database (NEP TestNet). This allows you to monitor the latest results in real-time and easily generate test protocols for a specific unit. This provides you with very high traceability of your production and test results.

Our product is designed for smoother product development, taking into account the financial aspects and requiring minimal maintenance. That’s why it’s perfect for companies that need efficient testing solutions. Its compact design and user-friendly interface make it a smart test solution that can be customised to your unique needs.

Our flexible design makes it easy to expand the system’s capabilities by adding more boards or external devices, depending on the complexity of the tests you want to perform. In addition, all test data can be easily transferred to a central database, NEP TestNet, using the ethernet connection on the device. The external USB connector can be used for various purposes, such as storing test results or connecting a handheld barcode scanner.

Cost-effective testing and product development with Embedded Test Systems

With our Embedded Test System, you get a cost-effective and high-performance solution for product development and testing, giving you the opportunity to bring your products to market more quickly and more reliably than ever before. Our system makes it possible to find and fix any errors at an early stage and locate any defective units.

Embedded Test System

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