NEP TestNet is a system that manages test data in production facilities. You can easily monitor the production process in real-time without needing to be physically present.

Production control with NEP TestNet

NEP TestNet offers your company an efficient solution to optimize production control. By integrating this test data management system into production facilities, companies can easily monitor the production process in real-time without needing to be physically present. This enables the quick identification of deviations and immediate management thereof.

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Real-time quality control

One of the key advantages is the ability for real-time quality control. NEP TestNet provides companies with an overview of error occurrences and analyzes why certain units fail to meet product and test requirements. This insight enables swift actions to enhance product quality and ensure compliance with standards.

Detailed test protocols with NEP TestNet

The system also facilitates the creation of detailed test protocols for each unit, enhancing traceability of the products. It enables the company to meticulously track the progress of each individual unit throughout the production process.

Another advantage is the ability to analyze the overall test capacity. NEP TestNet provides your company with the opportunity to track trends and identify any changes in production quality and speed. It also helps quickly detect bottlenecks in the production process and optimize production goals

NEP TestNet also enables comparisons between different production units. It provides your company with valuable insights to implement best practices and optimize the production process across the entire organization.

Panels and graphs

From the instrument panel, you receive, for example, an image showing a Pareto diagram of the most common errors for the current products. By offering various types of diagrams and trend analysis, NEP TestNet provides you with an overview of the most common errors and enables continuous improvement. This analysis gives you tools to make informed decisions and minimize errors in the production process.

Finally, with NEP TestNet, you gain access to a real-time updated database, providing you as a user with the latest available information to make informed and prompt decisions based on the current production status.

We also offert other test systems, as for example Rack Test System, Embedded Test System and Custom Design System.


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