Rack Test Systems (RTS)

The Rack Test System (RTS) is a high-performance test solution designed to streamline and simplify product testing within a range of industries and product families. It’s based on a rack-mount architecture that integrates test instruments and system components into a unified platform. RTS offers a number of advantages for companies and organisations that require accurate and efficient testing of their various products in a lab environment or in production.


Flexibility and scalability

RTS is engineered with a flexible design, making it easy to adapt and expand test capacity as needed. This means you can start with a basic configuration and gradually add more test units as your testing operations grow. You can also easily test different types of products in the same RTS when a product-specific contact fixture is docked into the RTS. This makes it a simple and flexible process to switch testing between different products.

High-performance test instruments

RTS integrates advanced test instruments such as oscilloscopes, spectrum analysers, signal generators, and more. This enables users to perform a variety of tests on a single platform.

Automated testing

RTS is equipped with automated test functions that enable tests to be run quickly and efficiently. This reduces manual workload and increases the accuracy and reproducibility of the testing process. If necessary, it can also be connected to a production line for the automatic loading and unloading of test objects.

Compact rack-mounted design

The rack-mounted design means that RTS takes up minimal space in your lab or production environment, making it ideal for environments with limited space. If you can’t have your RTS on site, we offer the opportunity to perform the testing in our own lab.

Increased productivity

By integrating multiple test instruments into a single platform, RTS reduces changeover times and increases test productivity, which in turn means cost savings and faster product manufacturing.

Powerful and versatile test solution

RTS is a powerful and versatile testing solution designed to make testing more efficient and cost-effective for companies and organisations that are striving to achieve the highest quality in their products. With its scalable design, advanced test instruments, and automated functions, RTS is a valuable tool in areas such as electronics, telecommunications, medical technology, the automotive industry, industrial automation, and many other sectors.

Like all our test systems, the Rack Test System (RTS) can also be connected to our cloud-based test database (NEP TestNet) so that you, in real-time, can monitor the latest results and easily extract test protocols for a specific unit. This allows you to achieve very high traceability in your production and test results.