We offer technical assessment for companies and organizations, where we conduct a comprehensive review of your existing technical solutions.

Technical evaluation for companies and businesses

We offer technical evaluation for companies and businesses, where we conduct a thorough analysis and assessment of your existing technical solution. Following the examination, we present a list of actions to optimize operations, technology, or systems. We also assess certification needs and provide recommendations for component selection or strategies. If necessary, we assist in selecting a production provider and conduct rigorous testing and quality assurance processes. Additionally, we serve as a livscykelanalys (LCA) to assess long-term sustainability and environmental impact.  


Technical evaluation for certification

Our technical evaluation for certification is aimed at companies needing to ensure secure and efficient products. We test your products as prototypes to assess whether they are ready for final validation or if performance needs enhancement. We evaluate whether the products meet requirements such as CE marking through necessary tests and analyses. Our engineers go through all steps to ensure you can confidently and easily affix a CE mark to your products.

Technical evaluation for investment - realistic outlook for future success

We initiate the process with an analysis of the technical architecture, examining how well it supports the company's overarching goals. By identifying strengths and weaknesses, we can create a realistic assessment of the technology's ability to scale, adapt, and meet future demands.

Our evaluation also includes an analysis of the system's performance under various scenarios and its ability to scale to meet increasing demands. This provides investors with insight into how the technology can grow in tandem with the company's expansion and increased usage.

We also focus on security aspects through our security assessment. We actively work to identify potential vulnerabilities and security risks to ensure that investors can feel confident about the technology's robustness and level of protection. Our analysis also includes recommendations for enhancing security aspects.

Finally, our evaluation includes an assessment of how easily the technology can be maintained and upgraded over time to support long-term success.

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With our technical evaluation services, we aim to provide clarity and confidence in your technical decisions and investments. Contact us for a tailored and professional technical evaluation.